BERKY Trac model 3700

The Berky – Trac model 3700 is a stable tool carrier vehicle for all municipal operations and replaces three devices in one: tractor with boom, excavator and towing vehicle for trailer.

Due to the multifunctional design which is equipped with the boom and the ability to tow trailers, the Berky Trac can be used throughout the year. With its implements, it also can be used for other work in the woods, such as the tree saw, tree cutter or stump rotovator. In addition, the trailer can be loaded with different grippers such as the weed grab, clamshell bucket or backhoe bucket. Combined with the three-point linkage and PTO drive, it is possible to do various municipal work.

The driver, who often spend many hours on the machine, enjoys many different added features. For example with the rotatable cabin, the driver can do loading tasks in the road operation and the boom of the Berky-Trac enables to load and to unload the trailer without pivoting in the road area. Furthermore, the cabin provides an excellent visibility. Simultaneously, the ergonomic and clearly arranged cockpit offers comfortable operation.

Due to a hydraulic system which is optimally adapted to the work performed, even at an engine speed of 1,700 U/ min, full power is available to the boom and the attachment areas. This lowers the diesel consumption considerably. The hydrostatic drive enables stepless driving in the operating mode at a simultaneous fixed engine speed.


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