Technologická jednotka DESET PG04


PROGROUPE has developed a new technology unit DESET PG04. It differs from its predecessor, DESET PG03, in lower performance, smaller dimensions and simpler transport. Thanks to our experience in research and dewatering process, we are now able to set up our new mobile operation unit on site easier and faster than ever.

The technology unit DESET PG04 employs a two-phase technological process. The processing of sediment starts with a separation of coarse fractions on vibrating screens. Then comes the separation of water from solids [in the sediment] in a decantation centrifuge Z5E. The use of a polymer solution maximizes the production of dewatered sediments and provides the required purity (quality) of the filtrate. PG04 uses biodegradable lubricants thus it does not damage the environment at any stage of its lifecycle.

The DEWASYS® software based on the SIMATIC control system (TIA Totally Integrated Automation) by SIEMENS controls the technology centrally. DEWASYS® provides for the functionality and unified operation of individual elements of the unit. At the same time it monitors and archives its operational data in one place. Common dump trucks subsequently transport the dewatered sediment for disposal or further use. The cleaned separated water (filtrate) is returned back in the water body.

The DESET PG04 unit is designed and adjusted for standardized shipping containers. This feature enables its transport by trucks, railway or waterway.

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