pumping station- prečerpávacia stanica

Pumping station

Hauling distance is the distance to which a suction dredger can efficiently transport the dredged sediment. The suction dredger’s pump and engine performance determined the value of the parameter. How can we increase the hauling distance without changing the suction dredger?

Although the suction dredgers often achieve high performance, they are not always able to fulfil the project demands in terms of the maximal necessary hauling distance. In order to solve the problem of the insufficient hauling distance of the suction dredger, we have designed our own pumping station model. The pumping station is fully automated. WE equipped it with a diesel generator, pump, necessary fittings, control electronics. Furthermore the fuel supply lasts the whole day of operation. Our pumping station increases the hauling distance of the DredgeKing PERM and TrexDuke IPEL dredgers.

Technical details:

·       Diesel engine, 6-cylinder, performance 160 kW

·       Hauling distance increase: + 2,500 m

·       Maximum pump performance: 600 m³/h sludge

·       Automatic dosing of pressurized water

·       Back-up battery for remote control and remote activation of the pumping station

·       Using biodegradable lubricants

·       System DEWASYS® implemented (optional)

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