Granulometric analysis

Granulometric analysis

Granulometric analysis is one of the fundamental parameters that determines the particle composition in sediment samples. This analysis helps determine grain size and the percentage of the individual size fractions in the specific sediment sample.

The sample composition is assessed in a laboratory either via sieve method or sedimentation method. Sieve method suits samples of coarse-grined sediment, while sedimentation method suits fine-grained samples. The laboratory also uses detection systems with laser rays or X-rays, densimeters and grain counters.

The analysis of size fraction representation in the sediment allows us to efficiently calibrate the first separation level. In DESET technology, the first separation level comprises of vibration screens. The granulometric curve helps establish the maximal efficient load of the centrifuges. As a result, we achieve the highest performance possible while still having the low energy consumption.

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