Small cutter suction dredger DredgePrince Laborec

DredgePrince LABOREC

DredgePrince LABOREC is the newest addition to our fleet of multifunctional machines for water body maintenance. It is specific because of its compact dimensions and low weight. Therefore it is possible to transport it easily on a trailer behind a passenger car. This significantly reduces maintenance costs for small water bodies and their vicinity.

In spite of its small dimensions and lower performance, LABOREC keeps up with the other dredgers as for the number of tasks it can accomplish. Wide range of equipment includes for example a hydraulic T-cutter bar, rake, stabilizing supports, wide-range cutter head with a suction pump and others.

Furthermore, low draught and special propeller adapted against water plants entanglement will allow you to work in harsh conditions. To achieve its maximal performance, DredgePrince relies on a tried-and-true Yanmar diesel engine and hydraulic system that uses biodegradable oil.

LABOREC, as well as our other dredgers, can be equipped with the SMART DREDGING system.

Technical details:
  • Yanmar diesel engine, 33 kW
  • Maximum dredging depth: 2 m
  • Maximum mowing depth: 2,5 – 3m
  • Maximum pump performance: 125 m³/h sludge
  • Hauling distance: up to 600 m
  • Interchangeable attachments for dredging and maintenance works at water body
  • Mowing and water plants collection
  • Using biodegradable hydraulic oil Panolin
  • System SMART DREDGING® implemented (optional)
  • System DEWASYS implemented (optional)

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