Sediment treatment dewatering technology

Sediment treatment

In case of dredging with a suction dredger, the sediment contains a high amount of water (80 – 95 %). Therefore it is necessary to separate the excess water prior to permanent storage or use. Mainly the following two methods are used as sediment treatment:
  •    Separation in a decanter centrifuge
  •    Separation in geotubes

Each of the methods has its pros and cons. Under the right conditions, each one can be economical. In general, the use of geotubes financially suits projects with low sediment volumes (under 10,000 m³ in situ), because the price of disposable geotubes for bigger projects is usually inadequate.

The use of centrifuges is reserved for medium and big revitalization projects. Thus higher initial investment does not reflect financially according to the amount of the sediment.

We work with different sizes of mechanisms in order to find a financial solution for every project, big or small, that would interest our end customer.

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