DEWASYS is a complex system which controls, visualizes and archives data from the DESET technology process. The system therefore actively rises the efficiency of dredging and dewatering works, thus reducing total project costs.

The monitoring and measuring devices installed in the DESET line deliver information to a PLC control system. DEWASYS evaluates the information and also regulates and controls the entire sediment treatment process via actuators.

DESET operator intervenes in the process of sediment dredging, dewatering and transport to landfill via touch panels at operator stands. While the presence of live operator is required, the number of operators is greatly reduced by the DEWASYS.

DEWASYS system reads the data from main processors, visualizes them on the display and also archives them into a database. For checks and subsequent line control optimization, we are able to display these data in a chart or a table. Furthermore, we can create a printable output and evaluate the efficiency of the entire technology.

DEWASYS inputs include various information about dewatering process. First of all, this include weight of the dewatered sediment, input and output dry matter and so on. We collect weight of dewatered sediment from industrial carriage weight, measuring the outbound trucks tonnage. The system receives technology failure alerts and operator alarms. These are archived due to subsequent checks and diagnostics of eventual breakdowns.

Technical details:

  • Wireless connection between the DESET technology and the suction dredger
  • Sediment processing control based on the data from the suction dredger
  • Complex dredging and sediment processing statistics
  • Performance monitoring and searching for eventual issues
  • Maintenance prediction

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