suction dredgers

Suction dredgers

Our suction dredgers are suitable for removing and dredging bottom sediments from various water areas.

The dredgers are available for sell or rent in different sizes. We equip them with plenty of accessories therefore they comply to every reclamation project imaginable.

To boost their effectiveness, we can equip the dredgers with our patented SMART DREDGING system. The system comprises of set of sensors, flow meters and pressure meters. Moreover certificated software Dredgepack® then sets precise GPS position of the dredger and, most importantly, of the cutter head.

Overview of our dredgers:

We named our biggest and most powerful dredger after geological period of Paleozoikum. This reference is not meant to point out the age of machine, rather to the strength and robustness that lies inside. If you require power and stability, PERM is the right dredger for your project… more

Slovakian river Ipeľ gave name to the dredger, that can stand up to PERM in power, but also has an advantage of tracks. Ipeľ stems in Veporske hills, then flows on border between Levice county and Hungary. Amphibious dredger IPEL is stationed in the very same district… more

Our smallest, but the most practical dredger was named after a small east-Slovakian river. Dredger transportation is incredibly easy – just by towing it on trailer with a personal car. As a result, operational cost of the dredger is very low. The small, but nimble workboat is therefore available for V4 countries at very appealing pricing conditions… more

Our dredgers surely have big engines that provide plenty of power. However, they are not always fulfilling the project requirements on pumping distance. To solve this problem, we have designed our automated Booster station.. more

The system comprises series of sensors, control and computing units, that provide the dredger operator with plenty of information. Thanks to our calculations and provided information, we are able to top the dredging effectiveness by 50% compared to regular dredgers… more

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