suction dredger TrexDuke IPEL

TrexDuke IPEL

TrexDuke IPEL is the first amphibious suction dredger of its kind and PROGROUPE is the first company to use such mechanism. The dredger excells at working on the ground as well as in shallow or deep waters, all the while maintaining a performance comparable to large floating suction dredgers without track drive.

The track drive enables the dredger to enter the water from nearly any place without the need of a crane and at the same time, it is environmentally friendly (the tracks do not damage grass or other types of surface). Many interchangeable attachments (rake, bucket, T-cutter bar, suction pump with cutter head etc.) make  TrexDuke IPEL exceptionally versatile. Optimal shape of the cutter head reduces sludge and pollution of the water with sediment particles which are being dredged. TrexDuke IPEL uses only biodegradable lubricants.

has a solid steel construction with aluminum floaters and is propelled by a powerful 6-cylinder diesel engine.

We equipped the TrexDuke IPEL with the SMART DREDGING system which increases the efficiency of dredging and facilitates work in the maximum available depth, which is 5 meters under water level for TrexDuke IPEL. Our DEWASYS system implemented in the TrexDuke IPEL dredger actively increases the efficiency of sediment dewatering in the DESET unit. The increased efficiency has a positive impact on the economic aspect of every water body revitalisation project. In case of sediment pumping to a longer distance than the dredger performance allows, we attach our automatic pumping station behind TrexDuke IPEL

Technical details:

·       Diesel engine, 6-cylinder, performance 186 kW

·       Maximum dredging depth: 5 m

·       Maximum pump performance: 420 m³/h sludge

·       Hauling distance: up to 1,400 m

·       Interchangeable attachments for dredging and maintenance works at water body

·       Mowing and water plants collection

·       Using biodegradable hydraulic oil Panolin

·       System SMART DREDGING® implemented (optional)

·       System DEWASYS® implemented (optional)

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