Sediment dredging from the bottom of water body PROGROUPE

Sediment dredging

Sediments at the bottom of a water body have a negative influence on its usability. They restrict waterway transport and recreational activities, degrade water quality, decrease the capacity of the water body and so on. Sediment dredging reduces or even eliminates completely the negative impact. We use a dredger with a high-performance pump to remove the sediment and transport it for further processing.

How do we do it in the Progroupe company? We use dredgers from the Senwatec company, which are characterized by a high dredging performance. Furthermore, the dredger maintains its multi-functionality as a construction machine. The dredger can thus perform other activities connected to water body maintenance apart from the sediment dredging itself. Mowing water plants, bank maintenance and removal of deposited waste are all within dredgers capabilities.

DredgeKing PERM is our largest and highest performing dredger. It achieves an exceptional dredging depth of 6 meters, high performance of the pump and a low draught.

The dredger TrexDuke IPEL, unlike DredgeKing PERM dredger, is amphibious.  IPEL uses durable rubber tracks for movement on the ground. The advantage of this dredger is its versatile use inside and around the water body and lower financial expenses for the dredger handling.

Our smallest dredger DredgePrince is intended for small projects up to 20,000 m³ in situ. Its great advantage is the possibility to transport the dredger on a trailer behind a passenger car, which dramatically reduces the overall cost of the project.


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