Our goal is to improve environments by sediment treatment, restoring the capacity of reservoirs, deepening and maintaining waterways, shipping channels and cleaning out lakes and ponds.


  • Use of bottom sediments 

    In order to find out the method of evaluation of bottom sediments, it is necessary to ensure accredited sampling of sediments, analytical control of sediments with a focus on dangerous properties. Based on the results of the analyses, an expert opinion on the analytical control of waste is drawn up by a qualified professional. The

    20. December 2022
  • Mowing of aquatic vegetation 

    Vegetation in the vicinity of water bodies affects light conditions by shading, reduces the supply of soil particles to the water environment by wind action, protects banks and drains nutrients.  In the case of water bodies with no or minimal water flow, they are an excellent habitat for reed vegetation. The development of reed vegetation

    15. December 2022
  • Water surface survey

    In the process of planning the revitalization of water bodies, the first steps are to determine the current state and survey of the water body. The required data are, in particular: the total volume of sediment in situ, in the water area, or in the designated area the thickness of the sediment layer in individual

    13. December 2022
  • Natural water environment: Sediments in the hydrographic system II.

    Human activity has a significant impact on the water environment and sediment dynamics. Direct human interference is mainly the mining of gravel and sand, either for the purpose of obtaining building materials or for the purpose of deepening the river-basin for the purpose of flood protection. Our waterways have been modified, regulated, and narrowed to

    30. September 2022

Our Projects

Location: Gabcikovo water dam – reservoir Hrusov
Client: Vodohospodarska Vystavba, s.p., Bratislava (state company)
Equipment: Suction dredger, technological unit DESET PG02 and PG03
Sediment volume in situ: 240,000 m³

progroupe gabcikovo 2

Location: Åsbro – Sweden
Client: Geological survey of Sweden
Equipment: Suction dredger, geotubes,
Sediment volume in situ: 16 000 m³ contaminated sediment

Location: Sunny Lakes, Senec, Slovakia
Client: Senec city
Equipment: Suction dredger, technological unit DESET PG01
Sediment volume in situ: 80,000 m³

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The INNOVATIVE METHOD of sediment treatment.
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