Our goal is to improve environments by sediment treatment, restoring the capacity of reservoirs, deepening and maintaining waterways, shipping channels and cleaning out lakes and ponds.


  • Cyanobacteria

    Cyanobacteria also known as cyanophyta are a group of bacteria capable of producing oxygen throughout photosynthesis similar to other plants. Often, they occur in an aquatic environment but in the soil as well. Increased occurrence of cyanobacteria is recorded during long periods of sunny and warm weather. The excess occurrence of so called “aquatic bloom”

    28. May 2019
  • Neusiedler See Project

    Since October of last year our company worked on cleaning two marinas in Podersdorf on the bank of Neusiedler See in Austria. Neusiedler See is very popular place for so called inland sailing. The lake is famous for its recreational purposes. People perform many kinds of water sports here such as windsurfing, kitesurfing and others.

    13. May 2019
  • Conclusion of project in Kazakhstan

    Couple of weeks ago our team has wrapped up the project in Kazakhstan that we were carrying out during past 3 years in the Northern region of Kazakhstan. In the scope of these 3 years we have engaged in the project of cleaning the lake of natural origins. Subsequently we treated the removed material. The

    26. November 2018
  • Presentation of our work

    Last week we attended a conference held as a tribute for 30th anniversary of Velke Kozmalovce water dam initiation. We presented a showcase video of our work on the dam, where we carried out sediment removal and its further treatment. If you are interested in the whole procedure, watch our video below.

    28. September 2018

Our Projects

Location: Gabcikovo water dam – reservoir Hrusov
Client: Vodohospodarska Vystavba, s.p., Bratislava (state company)
Equipment: Suction dredger, technological unit DESET PG02 and PG03
Sediment volume in situ: 240,000 m³

progroupe gabcikovo 2

Location: Water dam Velke Kozmalovce, Slovakia
Client: Slovensky vodohospodarsky podnik, s.p., Banska Bystrica (state company)
Equipment: Suction dredger, technological unit DESET PG02
Sediment volume in situ: 130,000 m³

progroupe Kozmalovce

Location: Sunny Lakes, Senec, Slovakia
Client: Senec city
Equipment: Suction dredger, technological unit DESET PG01
Sediment volume in situ: 80,000 m³

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