Use of bottom sediments 

In order to find out the method of evaluation of bottom sediments, it is necessary to ensure accredited sampling of sediments, analytical control of sediments with a focus on dangerous properties. Based on the results of the analyses, an expert opinion on the analytical control of waste is drawn up by a qualified professional. The latter assesses whether the Law on waste applies on the bottom sediments in question and also determines the possibilities of their subsequent use. 

Several methods of their valorization may follow from the assessment. If contamination with hazardous substances is proven, bottom sediments must be disposed of by landfilling, in many cases as hazardous waste. If the analyzes do not confirm the presence of dangerous substances, but at the same time the sediments do not meet the agrochemical-nutritional parameters necessary for incorporation into agricultural or forest land, they can be used as inert material, for example for terrain filling. Sediments meeting the limit parameters can be applied to the soil, in the form of direct application of bottom sediments to agricultural or forest soil, or through the registration of bottom sediment as a secondary source of nutrients. 

Sediments may contain components, in increased concentrations, risky for soil, water and the food chain. Therefore, in order to prevent contamination, a qualified application to the soil is required in any case, the procedure which is described in the project approved by the Central Agricultural Inspection and Testing Institute. 

The project addresses not only the properties of the applied bottom sediments, but also the parameters of the soil to which these sediments are to be applied. These are mainly agrochemical parameters, soil type, granular composition, groundwater level and cultivated crops. In the case of registration of bottom sediment as a secondary source of nutrients, microbiological analyzes of the sediments and development of production procedure – preparation technology are also required.