About us

Progroupe is a young and innovative company which specialises in the cleaning, removing and dewatering of sediments from the bottom of lakes, lagoons, canals, ponds, reservoirs or hydro power plants.

Silt, clay and sand slowly degrade water-dependant habitats in communities and commercial areas. Advanced dredging technology and techniques that Progroupe uses dramatically improves these environments by:

  • Restoring the capacity of reservoirs
  • Deepening and maintaining waterways & shipping channels
  • Cleaning out lakes and ponds

Our company was formed from the natural needs of such activity. So far we are the only ones in the region of Central Europe, who offers dewatering services of this type.

Progroupe was founded in 2012. Despite the young age of our company, we have years of experience based upon our cooperation with the sister company Prolake, which already operates in this area.

We collaborate closely with our industrial clients to develop customised processes and systems with the very latest technology for all requirements in the field of removing and dewatering of sediments.

Our team has years of experience in the cleaning and dewatering sector, and is made up of versatile and highly motivated specialists, who are at your disposal to react quickly and flexibly to your needs.

If you are faced with an unresolved problem in sector of removing and dewatering of sediments, we are ready to take up the challenge.

Practical reasons of environmental advantages of our technology:


The technology allows to move the watered mud in pipelines to distance of 1,5 km from the place of removal so the nearest area is not disturbed by excessive noise and dust caused by operating technology.


The removal of sediments can only be done in a certain level without the necessity of removal to the level of bearable base which helps to keep the original ecosystem.


The technology does not require much area. It only requires about 2,000 m2 of built up area which decreases the total environmental burden of the surrounding areas during and after the works.


Water quality is not decreased during the sediment removal.


The technology is particularly suitable for working with contaminated sediments.


Improvement of runoff conditions of dams and water works during floods.



A possibility of other various usage and treating of dewatered mud


A possibility of using the separated material for secondary purposes (compost, insulation of waste dumps)


Our effort is to offer possibilities of innovative solutions to reach sustainable development in modern water industry. Our technology of mechanical dewatering of sediments brings not only an increased economic efficiency in using of water reservoirs, but it also decreases immediately their environmental burden.

Only healthy and wisely managed natural and industrial water resources will allow their effective usage.

The basic idea of the technology was to bring an unconventional method of mechanical dewatering of sediments using high speed centrifuges. Due to increasing industrialization of bank areas, natural water resources as well as water constructions, it was not possible to apply the classic “wet” way. This way the diluted sediments are pumped to lagoons to be dried naturally during a relatively long period of time.

As a result of combining know – how with technological assets and further development and research in the area we are able to provide top notch services. Progroupe is one of the few companies in Central Europe that operates complex dredging and dewatering processes while reaching production up to 1,200 tons of dewatered sediments per day.

Are you looking for a reliable partner for a water area revitalization project?