Bed Sediment Removal from Slnečné jazerá

Lakes, Slovak Republic

Location: Senec, Slnečné jazerá – Removing water bed sediments, Slovak Republic
Client: Town Senec, Slovak Republic
Contractor: Prolake, member of PROGROUPE
Equipment: Hydraulic dredger, processing plant DESET PG-01
Totals: 80.000 m³ in situ

Historically, the first application of DESET technology was its use in the revitalization of the lakes in Senec. Lakes have been originally built in 1950s as a result of gravel mining. Now are lakes used mainly for recreational purposes. Bottom sediments in lakes significantly worsened conditions for recreational use of lakes. The lake with an area of about 100 ha in the period 2006 – 2008 was dredged and processed with total of 80.000 m³ of sediment. Difficulty of implementation consisted mainly in mountainous lake bottom. In addition, the extraction and processing of sediment had to be done without interfering of recreational activities and drainage without the use of flocculation additives. Due to dense built -up -area, location of dewatering technology near the water surface presented a big challenge. Dewatered sediments were driven out of the lakes resort and were used for the remediation of municipal landfills. Dredging of contracted quantity of sediment restore the natural flow of ground water through the gravel bed and improve the quality and attractiveness of the environment throughout the recreation area.