Bed Sediment Removal from SWD Gabčíkovo Water Dam

Water reservoir Hrušov, Danube River

Location: SWD Gabčíkovo Water Dam – Water reservoir Hrušov, Danube River, Slovak Republic
Client: Vodohospodárska Výstavba š. p., Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Contractor: Prolake, member of PROGROUPE
Equipment: Hydraulic dredger, processing plant DESET PG-03 built in standard container frames
Totals: 440.000 m³, 70 tons of dry sediments per hour

Riverbed sediments transported by the Danube River to Gabčíkovo Water Dam do colmatage bottom of water reservoir Hrušov. Process of sedimentation and colmatage of the riverbed has impact on gradual decline infiltrated ground water levels to all the major water sources in the vicinity, water flow guidance, flood protection, reduce hydroelectric power, impair the quality of surface water and sediments. List of problems require innovative solutions to remove sediment without limitation of operations on the Danube River. The aim of the project was to concentrate on reduction of sedimentation and colmatage of the riverbed sediments from water reservoir with small dimensions for processing facility plant. To execute this project we use DESET PG-03 mobile processing facility plant. Extraction with application of DESET PG-03 technology mean in practice constant water level in the reservoir, the reservoir is continuously used and serves its purpose while removing sediment from the bottom without restrictions. Sediments are dredged with sludge suction dredger from reservoir Hrušov and transport to the processing facility plant where are processed and dewatered. After treatment of sludge, sediments are directly transported off-site by trucks.

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