Lago di Cavazzo

Lago di Cavazzo, a lake of glacial origin, with its area of 174 ha, is the largest natural lake in the Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia and extends over the territory of three municipalities: Cavazzo Carnico, Bordano and Trasaghis.

The lake is a popular destination for residents and tourists, especially in the summer. Its beaches allow a gradual entry into the water and provide swimming opportunities for children as well. Unfortunately, aquatic plants that grow in the shallower waters of the lake, right in front of these popular beaches, are making swimming unpleasant.

Therefore, representatives of the village of Trasaghis approached us last year with a request for a consultation on a possible solution to the problem of excessive growth of aquatic vegetation. After the field inspection, we recommended to the client the reduction of aquatic vegetation by mowing in the area of the western and eastern beaches, before the main bathing season.

At the time of our arrival, the aquatic plants had not yet bloomed on the surface and therefore there was a risk that they would sink to the bottom after mowing, making harvesting impossible. Due to the large scale of work, we agreed with the client to tackle the areas gradually away from the beaches and create corridors for swimmers and vessels. The purpose should be to minimize human contact with algae when entering the water and swimming.

The collection of vegetation was carried out using the DredgePrince Laborec floating suction dredger during the days 15.06.2022 to 17.06.2022. The client ensured that the water level was reduced by 1 m during this period.

In two and a half days of hard work, we took approximately 30 tons of biomass to the shore, which the village workers then loaded onto a truck and drove away.

We believe that thanks to our intervention, this year’s swimming season will be a little better than the previous one, and another client can enjoy their clean lake.

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