Dredging without draining

The removal of sediment from the bottom of the lake in the traditional way requires drainage of the water in the lake and subsequent implementation of construction machinery at the bottom of this area, which must be dried to a driveable state. The process of draining the tank and then drying the sediment in situ is time-consuming – especially drying of the area. In addition to the time demandingness, many other issues need to be addressed. In many cases, the situation requires fishing out and the need to ensure the subsequent refilling of the lake – a problem that mainly affects reservoirs with no or minimum inflow of water. In addition, the movement of construction machinery along the bottom of the lake compacts the sediment and increases the risk of possible leakage of hazardous substances from the machinery into the environment.

What do Progroupe offer?

A more environmentally friendly, economically advantageous, but particularly more convenient way of removing bottom sediments from water bodies is mining by means of a floating suction dredger.

 In case of such dredging, there is no need to drain the water area or fish out. Unlike the conventional method, where it is necessary to drain the water area, the lake remains fully functional during our work. Thanks to this, it is possible to actively use the water area, at the same time aquatic animals are protected, and the extraction of sediment does not disturb their environment. In the case of greater depth in the lake, only a temporary reduction in water level is desirable at times. The solution is very advantageous even if there is a hydroelectric power plant in the water area. It can operate in unrestricted mode while the dredging process is in progress. Dredging is a suitable and often the only option also in case of an area without the possibility of draining it (e.g. gravel pit).

In addition to the above, a significant benefit is the ability to take the sediment to the desired location and distance in the form of hydromixture (mixture of water and solids), where it will be stored or processed with the possibility of water recovery.

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