Dolná Seč

2021-03-04 10.24.19

Carried out in: 2021
Project duration: 5 working days
Vegetation type: Common reed


In April 2021, the owner of a private lake with an area of approx. 360 m2 in the village of Dolná Seč in the district of Levice called us up.

The owner had repeated problems with reeds growing in the pond. Common reed grows to a height of up to 4 m and is one of our largest grasses. It is a cosmopolitan plant. It grows in alluvial zones in stagnant or slightly flowing water. It blooms from July to October. Reeds are a natural water purifier and provide shelter for aquatic animals. However, at our client, it multiplied uncontrollably, overgrown the entire pond and limited the potential and maintenance of the pond.


As the pond was shallow, we used our smallest DredgePrince Laborec suction dredger for this work, which not only mowed the pond with the help of special attachments, but also got rid of overgrown roots from the bottom of the pond. This slowed down the growth of the plant and prevented its immediate relapse. We placed the uprooted roots together with the mowed grass on the shore of the lake, from where the owner processed them further. Finally, with the help of a cutter, we also sucked out the excess sediment, which was reducing the quality of the water. Our operators had their hands full for 5 days, but the result is worth it.


Satisfied customer and clean lake, that’s our mission!

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