Tešedíkovo, odbahnenie, čiste jazero, ťažba sedimentu

Carried out in: 2018/2019
Project duration: 14 working days
Volume of sediment in situ: 3696,79 m³
Pumped hydro mixture: 18 483,93 m³
Sediment: organic


Tešedíkovo is a small village located near the town of Šala. In the middle of the village there is a lake that is used by local fishermen and is also used for rest and recreation of residents. The local fishermen’s association noticed an excessive accumulation of sediment at the bottom of the lake. The association tried to clean the lake by itself, using an excavator from the shore, but this attempt was not successful.

Therefore, in the winter of last year, the local civic association together with the municipality approached us with a request to clean the lake from deposits of sediment. We started the cleaning work back in December with a two-man team and our smallest DredgePrince LABOREC suction dredger, and we cleaned a part of the pond from deposits of sediment. Due to unfavorable weather and very low temperatures, which remained below freezing even during the day, resulting in freezing of the lake, we had to postpone the project until the spring months.

In the spring, we already started work with our TrexDuke IPEL amphibious suction dredger, with which we cleared the lake of mud deposits in 11 days. We pumped the unwanted mud into the dammed part of the lake, which created the so-called lagoon. We stored the mud in the lagoon and let it dry freely.

We have cleaned the lake according to requirements, and the village as well as local fishermen can once again enjoy a clean lake and a pleasant environment for relaxation.

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