Uherské Hradiště


Implementation: 2019
Project duration: 4 working days
Volume of sediment in situ: approx. 350 m³
Pumped hydro mixture: 2,029 m³
Sediment: fine inorganic sediment, under which is a layer of coarse stone and clay


Uherské Hradiště is a city in the south-east of the Czech Republic, located by the river Morava. The Morava basin, state enterprise implemented the construction of a new service pontoon for basin vessels at the beginning of 2019. Part of the competition included pumping out a small amount of sediment from the bed of the Morava River in the town of Uherské Hradiště at the site of the future pontoon. The removal of sediment will ensure sufficient depth for the movement of vessels even in months with a lower water level.

The winner of the public tender, the company SM PONTON, s.r.o., contacted us precisely for this part of the work. Timing was key to the success of the entire operation. The construction of the wharf itself could only begin after the sediments had been removed. Since the building had to be handed over before the summer season, sediment mining took place at the beginning of February at minus temperatures.

However, it was not an obstacle for our well-equipped operators and DredgePrince LABOREC excavator. In total, we pumped 2,029 m3 of hydromix from a depth of 2 meters. We transported the sediment through a 150 m long floating pipeline to the place specified by the customer. After 4 days of mining, our client was able to continue building a modern wharf for vessels of the Morava Basin in the town of Uherské Hradiště.

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