Veľké Kozmálovce Water Structure, removal of deposits and cleaning of the bottom of the Mochovce nuclear power plant


Implementation: 2019
Project duration: 30 working days
Volume of sediment in situ: 9886.18 m³
Pumped hydro mixture: 33,102 m³
Sediment: 50% inorganic, 50% organic sediment, lots of branches and waste


The Veľké Kozmálovce Water Structure built on the Hron River serves mainly as a cooling water reservoir for the EMO Mochovce power plant and irrigation of agricultural land. In recent years, it has also been used for recreational purposes – water sports, fishing.

Due to the construction of a fish passage at WS Veľké Kozmálovce, the operator – Slovak water management enterprise, state enterprise proceed to a long-term reduction of the operating level. After the aforementioned reduction of the operating level, an emergency situation occurred in front of the EMO Mochovce collection facility. The operators needed to unload and pump approximately 10,000 m³ in situ of bottom sediments into the existing lagoon. As part of the project, we prepared approx. 500 meters of DN200 discharge pipe. After connecting the pipeline to our largest DredgeKing Perm suction dredger, we carry out mining in the designated section of the water surface. We mined about 2 meters of bottom sediments. The quantification of the excavated sediments was carried out by bathymetric targeting of the sediments before and after the end of the contract.

The collection facility Nuclear power plant Mochovce at WS Veľké Kozmálovce has a concrete area below the water level with a width of 5 and a length of approx. 15 meters. Sediments have settled on this continuous surface, which prevent the inflow of cooling water into the Nuclear power plant Mochovce collection facility. With the help of the slope bucket located on the arm of the DredgeKing Perm suction dredger, we ensured the manual cleaning of this area from deposits of sediment. The separated sediments were placed outside the inflow part of the sampling facility.


In order to ensure the functionality and trouble-free operation of the collection facility, the project was implemented with the cooperation of the emergency services of Nuclear power plant Mochovce.

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