Višňové – mining the sediments of a nameless stream

bezmenneho potoka, ciste jazero, tazba sedimentu

RImplementation: 2019
Project duration: 55 working days
Volume of sediment in situ: approx. 600 m³
Pumped hydro mixture: approximately 6600 m³
Sediment: sludge created by sedimentation of concrete in tunnels, organic component


The section of the D1 highway Lietavská Lúčka – Višňové – Dubná Skala begins at the junction Lietavská Lúčka, where the route of the section connects directly to the previous section of the D1 highway Hričovské Podhradie – Lietavská Lúčka. The intersection will, with the help of the planned feeder road, enable the connection of the D1 highway with the city of Žilina and the I/64 road.

After the intersection, the highway route goes east, crosses the cadastres of Porúbka, Rosina, Višňové until it merges with the Višňové tunnel. The tunnel passes under the Hoblík hill and after more than seven kilometers ends at the Dubná Skala intersection and connects to the next continuation of the D1. From the western portal, it was driven to the top with a slope of 0.50% in a length of 573 meters, then it falls with a slope of 2.27% in a length of 2,545 meters. From the eastern (Vrútky) portal, the excavation was carried out to the top with a slope of 2.27% in a length of 4,362 meters.


An unexpected number of geological faults appeared during the excavation, the most serious problem being a large inflow of water. Since the majority of the length of the tunnel is built from the East Portal to the top, most of the water seeping from the tunnel at the East Portal also flows out. During the digging of the tunnel and other construction works, a lot of water washed the fine-grained sediments to the eastern portal and from there to the nearby nameless stream. The stream was contaminated as a result of the construction works and it was decided to revitalize it.

We deployed our smallest DredgePrince LABOREC floating suction dredger to revitalize the nameless stream. Thanks to its small dimensions, the excavator was able to ensure efficient extraction from a small, nameless stream. To process the sediment, we used our smallest DESET PG04 dewatering line, which corresponds to the performance of the used suction dredger. A team of 4 workers was able to revitalize the nameless stream in 2 phases of the project in 55 days.

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